About Us

Sheba worked at the bench for 15 years. She earned a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology, before making the dramatic career switch to scientific publishing. She has always been a science geek, and feels that she has a responsibility to deliver sound, evidence based science to the public at large. That’s where We Talk Science comes in. This is a place where one can get bits of information on a variety of topics, straight from the horse’s mouth, as scientists untangle the fabric of research in their own words. Sheba hopes that this will make you as passionate about science as she is.

Annelies works in Digital media management and audience engagement. She has a master’s degree in Communication and Information Sciences, and is currently pursuing a degree in Biomedical Sciences in her spare time. In the past she’s worked as a TV journalist, researcher and improv actress. She is passionate about science, using improv to teach communication skills, and learning about gut bacteria (incidentally, her favorite bacteria). She was raised in Canada and the Netherlands, which has left her with a cultural background that values maple syrup just as highly as salty black licorice.

Jasper is the technical brains behind the entire operation of We Talk Science. Without him, it wouldn’t exist.

And a huge thank you to Giancarlo, who gave Sheba all the important crash courses, and most importantly, the inspiration to actually do this.

All opinions expressed on these pages are the authors’.