Unravelling Body image issues

Negative body image. We have all been there.

In this day of Instagram perfection, body dysmorphia has become an epidemic, as we struggle with the idea that our health and wealth and happiness is 100% dependent on what we look like. This is of course not a new phenomenon – each society has had its own idea of what is considered beautiful, and those who do not fit this norm internalize the idea that they are not enough.

What are the psychological processes behind this? How does one develop a negative body image, that could then morph into something more serious – body dysmorphia? When does it start? I spoke to Dr. Jessica Alleva who works on the psychological aspects of body acceptance, and she told me about some really cool experiments that she has done, that can fundamentally change how we view ourselves. I was really excited to hear how appreciation of body functionality, rather than appearance, can be a counter movement to the media/social media driven tsunami dedicated only to physical perfection.


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