Violent Women

Extremism and radicalization are the first steps to propagation of violence. When one thinks of a radicalized terrorist or active shooter, one stereotypically thinks of men, who seem to be more often perpetrators of mass violence. So when we read about female criminals, we are often surprised. Psychologists have been fascinated by the subject of violent women and what drives them. Is it rebellion? Is it the usual brainwashing that violence is the only way towards liberation? Is it feminism?

I spoke to Dr. Maria Alvanou, who is a criminologist at the Neopolis University Pafos, about why and how women can be radicalized. She talks about the stereotypes of what is expected of women: how they are supposed to look and behave in society, and how the patriarchy and other factors could lay the foundation that ultimately leads to some women to violence. She also talks about violence during the lockdown since March 2020. Watch her fascinating interview below.


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